Case Study 02

Sales Improvement Process Implementation through PDCM


A small size Engineering Technology Firm had rapid growth within the first six years of operation. Once the initial growth tapered off, the company found itself in a situation of inconsistent growth spurts. Though, there was enough sales talent within the firm, the lack of a Sales Process, limited the firm's ability to plan and aquire projects in a timely manner. The lack of a Sales Process disrupted capacity planning and Cash flow. The problem is typically faced by startup Service companies. As a Service company, the ironic question always comes, to what comes first, the Service Capabilities or the Sales?

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FBC Value Add:

Through a consultative approach and simple PDCM methodology, FBC consultant worked with the Executive management team to implement an incentive driven Sales Management Process. Total time for implementation from initial assessment to completion was six months.

Steps to Success


To deliver the expected output FBC establishes the necessary objectives and processes. The "Plan" stage includes identifying the assortment of problems, prioritizing and planning of improvement actions. FBC team will briefly describe the problem, gather required information and will analyze the "As Is" state. This is followed by formulation of objectives and assessment of actions to solve, improve or optimize.


FBC implements the plan and implements a pilot process to solve a problem. Data is collected for understanding the output of the Pilot phase.


In this stage actual results are measured and compared against the expected results from the Pilot Phase. FBC keeps track of deviation in implementing from the plan.


FBC takes corrective actions on significant differences between actual and planned results. Differences are analyzed to determine their root causes and changes are applied to get the required results. It is followed by standardization of successful approaches and following up actions.

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